Wisdom’s Menu

Wisdom's salsa veggies


Order our world-famous Fruit Burro Dessert first

A hot, crispy burrito filled with the fruit of your choice, rolled in
cinnamon and sugar and served with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Apple or Peach $5.50 * Cherry $5.95 * Blueberry $6.25 *Coconut~creme $7.50
Or SPLIT one in half with ice cream for each of you for $1 more

Fruit Burro Flavor of the Month – Please ask your server


Chips & Salsa


(your choice of traditional or pineapple-mango)


• with Guacamole

Cheese Crisp


Giant, crispy flour tortilla with melted cheese on top, cut into slices

Cheese Crisp with Mild Green Chiles $6.50
Tortilla Soup


Our version has turkey, veggies, melted cheese, avocado and crispy tortilla strips on top.

Wisdom’s Salad


Mixed greens tossed with gorgonzola cheese, sliced almonds, onions, tomatoes and avocado.

Pineapple-Citrus Salad


A wonderful mix of pineapple and cilantro tossed with mixed greens, cucumber, cranberries and tomato.

Top either salad


• with Chicken. . . . . . add $2.25

• with Shrimp. . . . . . . add $4.00

• with Steak. . . . . . . . add $3.50

• with Surf & Turf. . . .add $4.50


Soup & Salad

Our tortilla soup and Wisdom’s salad combo is a customer favorite!


Taco Salad Supreme

Our flour tortilla shell filled with refried beans, rice and spicy ground beef (but not too spicy). Topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

Lila’s Special


Beef or turkey tostada layered with beans and topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese and avocado slices.



Shredded beef or shredded turkey


with Rice & Beans


• with Bean & Cheese

• with Beef or turkey (shredded meat)



Combo Burrito $9.75
Cliff’s Burrito $11.00
Steak Burrito $11.00
Veggie Burrito $8.75
Fish Tacos

Pan-seared Mahi-mahi served in flour tortillas, topped with our lemon-cream sauce and pineapple-mango salsa. Served with rice and frijoles de la olla (whole pinto beans in broth).

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Ours is served with beans and rice and
tortillas and comes with salsa, guacamole and sour cream.

Surf & Turf

Bacon-wrapped shrimp and savory steak. Served with beans, rice, salsa and guacamole.

Cheese Crisp

Giant, crispy flour tortilla withmelted cheese on top, cut into slices.


• with mild green chiles

• with beef or turkey & with mild green chiles,topped with lettuce and tomato

• “SUPREMA”(beef or turkey and beans,onions and mild green chiles, topped with lettuce and tomato)




You May Choose to leave any item off of your crisp. Just let us know!  
Quesadilla $6.25

• with Beans $7.25

• with Turkey or Beef

• with Shrimp

• with Steak





Mary Hixon

Cheese or turkey or beef enchilada with melted cheese on top.

Turkey Plate
Shredded Turkey on a Plate with Beans and Rice and a giant Flour Tortilla
Green Plate
Shredded Beef on a Plate with Beans, Rice and a giant Flour Tortilla

Sonoran Chicken

Tender chicken breast smothered in our
tomatillo sauce and topped with cheese.
Served with rice and frijoles de la olla (whole
pinto beans in broth).

Chicken Strips
Breaded Chicken Strips with your choice of Beans & Rice or Fries
Flautas (Celeste’s Favorite!)
Beef or Turkey with Beans and Rice on the side
Tender strips of steak served w/onions & bell peppers, guacamole, salsa, fresca, sour cream and
a warm tortilla with beans and rice on the side

• with Chicken or Shrimp

Mexican combo plate of tender, marinated steak, a cheese enchilada and a chile relleno, served with salsa fresca and a warm tortilla and beans and rice
Shrimp Tacos


Sautéed shrimp served in flour tortillas,
topped with our Baja sauce and pineapple,
mango salsa. Served with rice and frijoles
de la olla (whole pinto beans in broth).

Half Pounder, Angus Beef, with all the fixings and fries on the side.|

Add any of the following for 50¢ each:

• Gorgonzola • Bacon • BBQ Sauce • Mild Green Chiles • Guacamole

Southwest Chicken Club Sandwich
Everything you love in a club sandwich plus some mild green chili served with Wisdom’s salad or fries! De-lish!
Chicken Sandwich
Grilled chicken breast topped with avocado, tomato and lettuce on a bun served with Wisdom’s salad or fries.

• with bacon: add 50¢

Sonoran Hot Dog|

A border favorite. A bacon wrapped hot dog served in a soft Mexican roll, topped with beans, diced tomato, onions, cheese and guacamole and served with a roasted chile on the side.


Sonoran Dog

Delicious bacon wrapped shrimp served Sonoran hot dog-style but with shrimp instead of a hot dog.

$ 7.95
Combination Plate

Your choice of any two below with rice and beans on the side.

Beef Taco • Chile Relleno • Turkey Taco • Cheese EnchiladaBean Tostada • Beef EnchiladaBeef Tostada • Turkey Enchilada • Turkey Tostada


• Traditional

• Pineapple-mango



Guacamole $3.00
Sour Cream $1.50
Enchilada Sauce $1.00
Tomatillo Sauce $1.00
BBQ Sauce $1.00

Enchilada or Tomatillo Style

Beans and Rice $4.50
Beans or Rice $2.50
Cheese, Beef or Turkey Enchilada $4.00
Beef or Turkey Taco $4.00
Bean Tostada $4.25
Turkey or Beef Tostada $5.50
Chile Relleno $4.50
Lemonade $2.25
Strawberry Lemonade $3.00
Ice Tea $2.25
Piná Colada $2.75
Horchata $2.75
Jamaica $2.75


Milk $2.25
Chocolate Milk $2.25
Soda $2.25
Root Beer Float $3.25
Hot Chocolate $2.25
Hot Tea $2.25
Fresh Roasted Coffee


Our fresh roasted coffee is available for purchase in 1/2 lb and 1 lb bags for $8 and $11.

Wisdom’sMargarita $6.50

• with fresh mango or strawberry……add 25¢

Barb’s Marg
2010 Judges’ Choice Margarita-Off Winner. A percentage of which will be donated to St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic

Tamarindo Margarita


Pomegranate Margarita

Domestic Beer

Bud, Bud Light, MGD, Miller Lite, Coors Light

Imported Beer

Pacifico, Tecate, XX Amber, Negra Modelo, Corona, Corona Light, Sol

Mixed Drink

All are made using premium liquor.


We are excited to announce we now carry draft wine… an environmentally friendly way to feature better quality wine which you can find at some of the hippest places in the U.S. (we also carry bottled wine for the traditionalists).



Tequila Bar

We carry over 50 types of the best 100% agave tequilas at great prices and offer Tequila Flights so you can sample 3 or 4 and decide which you like best!


Margarita Flight

An fun and innovative way to sample tequila so you can make up your own mind about what you like.


• with 1 pomegranate tequila sample add 75¢



Prices and items subject to change without notice.18% gratuity added to tables of five or more.

*Government Warning: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

WARNING: Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish And Eggs May Increase The Risk Of Food Borne Related Illness. Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy Can Cause Birth Defects.

A hot, crispy burrito filled with the fruit of your choice, rolled in
cinnamon and sugar and served with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice cream!
Apple or Peach $5.50 • Cherry $5.95 • Blueberry $6.25
Or SPLIT one in half with ice cream for each of you for $1 more